Beauty is a Roommate

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My roommate and I this year are half best friends, half the same person. We finish one anothers sentences, like the same kind of music, and wear the same size shoes. Soulmates are not necessarily a romance thing. A soulmate is a person who understands you, and loves you, even the pieces that drive them nuts, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, a soulmate is also a roommate.

There is beauty in not having to explain why you’re cranking loud rock music at 11pm, and there is also beauty in dancing around your dorm room folding clothes just because you can.

There is beauty in laughing so hard with someone that you literally fall on the floor and can’t breathe.

There is beauty in discussing, in September, where you want to live together the next year, and in making the assumption that after another year of living together, you’ll still want to live with each other.

There is a strange kind of beauty in singing “What Is This Feeling” from Wicked with your roommate every time you get in the car.

There is beauty in sitting on opposite sides of the room playing Words With Friends with one another, and yelling “Play a word! Play a word!” 30 seconds after you send a word.

There is beauty in watching TV shows and movies together that you won’t admit you watch to anyone else because they’re so bad.

There is beauty in accidentally staying up until 2am talking about life across the room in the dark.

There is beauty in having a bad behavior spray bottle for one another, and then deciding that you’re going to drive each other nuts with it, and so seriously debating getting water guns instead.

There is beauty in being in class together and reaching for the other person’s water bottle without asking because you don’t need to.

There is beauty in having an unspoken agreement to leave the windows open until it’s literally so cold you have to close them or get frostbite at night.

There is beauty in living together, and knowing you have someone there for you all the time.

If you’re lucky, there’s beauty in a roommate.

-Rosie Kahan ’15 (the one on the left)

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