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Technology is the application of science.  Science is beautiful!  But in the application of science, its beauty is very often obscured or completely hidden. That can be necessary when the science is dangerous or fragile.   Power lines are kept out of reach and engines and computers alike are enclosed within metal and plastic.

It’s not always necessary, though.  Sometimes science is hidden within technology so that technology can look or feel or sound like something else – or nothing at all. Think of how new products are smaller, quieter, faster, or smoother than they used to be. Part of why I’ve always liked to take things apart is that it reveals a certain kind of beauty to me.

Do you remember dialing a phone with real push buttons?  Or even a mechanical dial?  And then someone at the other end started talking? Remember the grinding noises your computer used to make?

Remember the first time you saw windmills lining a ridge?

Remember when we landed a robot on Mars?


Or the first time you felt a plane taking off?

I think those are the sorts of moments where technology reveals its beauty.

-Johnny Stiteler ’06

Technical Support Coordinator



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