Beauty is Light

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Beauty is light. The warmth of the sun on your back, the patterns thrown on the ground through the leaves on the trees, the moon through a window in the middle of the night. A lava lamp, the lights on a Christmas tree, a single candle flickering against a wall.

Beauty is a lantern and the silhouette of a robber as a train comes rushing toward him.

Beauty is a dying man’s journey through the Elysian Fields.

Beauty is the light in the elevator as con men rob a casino vault.

Beauty is the glow of fairies as they dance around a boy who refuses to grow up.

Beauty is three teenagers with three candles exploring an abandoned mansion.

Beauty is florescent lights, a train, the glow of fairy dust, sunlight, a lantern, a candle. Beauty is light.

-Saskia Giramma ’15

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