Beauty is a Cycle — Second Place Winner

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Erica Siclari | Fiorello H. LaGuardia H.S. ’13 | Brooklyn, NY

For the Beautiful Minds Challenge I decided to bring light to something I find very beautiful, cycles. I find cycles to be beautiful mainly because cycles are imperative for understanding our world, and with that understanding come discoveries that have and will continue to predict future events. Without cycles, scientist would not be able to predict anything. Facts would be random pieces of information instead of important clues to a puzzle. Cycles are beautiful because they are the key to knowledge.

In my video I recreated a cycle of plant life in an ecosystem. Each plant is going through its own biological cycle along with a cycle in its ecosystem. In addition to the plant life cycles I needed to present the cycle of time (day-night) and water in the video in order to indicate that cycles are not only found everywhere but they all work together to sustain life.

I wrote a short poem to emphasize the beauty of a cycle in a more creative genre of writing:

Beauty is a Cycle

Beauty is a cycle
A sequence of events
Folding maladroitly into a flawed shape
Each cycle resembles a circle but isn’t
It is
These imperfections are what make it unique

Cycles are unique but they are not random
They are mathematical
Whether the object is biotic or abiotic
The same basic rules apply:
Something is

What was once created will never again be once it has been destroyed
Something else will inhabit its space and claim it theirs
Oblivious to a time before its own

Something so real
So natural
So common
Is often overlooked
But taking a moment to witness something as real
As natural
As common
As a cycle is true beauty

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