The Presence of Step

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In Step


In walking, according to cultural theorist Paul Connerton, we constitute ourselves as a coherent organism. Walking is at once an act of organic self-unification and an act which builds up for us a coherent environment. Walking, for us all, demonstrates our total organism.

Next time you walk, whether its 10 feet or 10 miles, allow yourself moments within steps to bring an awareness of your presence. Walk slowly and patiently, taking a breath as you lift your foot, and exhaling as your foot meets the earth.

In walking, we draw with our passing our very own time line. It’s mind boggling to take a few moments, turn around, and see the many empty spaces in thought we have all too hurriedly ceased to acknowledge.

Christian Lampart, Marlboro College ’16

One Response to “The Presence of Step”

  1. Philip

    Really nice, Christian! Looks like you’re walking, and breathing, someplace very wet.