Thanks, 2014 Symposium Participants! We Had a Great Time!

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Twenty-three high school students from across the country (and the world!) joined us in still-snowy Marlboro, Vermont April 2-5 for the second-annual Beautiful Minds Challenge Symposium. Highlights of the symposium, according to attendees, were the improv comedy workshop, dinner at faculty member William Edelglass’ house, attending college classes, seeing each others’ presentations and meeting an amazing group of other students! We’ll let quotes and pictures speak for themselves.

Roundtable Cropped

Round table on journeys and the Road Less Traveled

  “I really enjoyed meeting other students from around the country and world. Sharing our experiences was seriously inspirational!”

Alex Presentation Cropped  “I was hesitant about participating at first (worried about getting judged…) As the days went on, I felt more comfortable and inspired to share myself with the group.”

Improv 1 Cropped

“Diversity and commonality alike were abundant and it made for an enriching, fulfilling experience.”

Anna Presentation Cropped

“This was one of the most amazing experiences in my life.”

Angie's Group Small

“Marlboro is completely different than what I expected, and I may not have talked to some of   these  people if I just saw them on the street, but they are all really cool and I learned different things from everyone.”

“I really was surprised at how close I was able to get with the other participants in only four days! This was truly a beautiful experience!”


“I learned how so many people can take such different meanings from a prompt and still make it so lovely and beautiful in a very different way from me.”

“There really are like-minded people in the world that want the things I do from a school.”



Climbing Wall Cropped

 “I had some knowledge and expectations, but nothing like coming and experiencing it! I know now I would fit in here (at Marlboro College). This is a really cool program.”

” This experience has given me so much hope and excitement  for the future.”

BMC group 2014

BMC Symposium attendees at Gallery Walk in Brattleboro

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