Recycling Bin Inspiration

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Recycled Inspiration

I looked in my recycling bin for inspiration. I found crumpled up pieces of paper;

drawings I had begun and abruptly finished a few days ago. They were sloppy, messy,

and now crumpled. I flattened them out and again saw my point of frustration. I had

circled in red pen all of the mistakes I made.


However, the red circles were undeniably important. They were part of the

drawing, no longer excluded. I glued the drawings down on some cardboard and the

lines from the crumpled paper were now hardly noticeable. Now, my most obvious

mistake was gone. I arranged them close to one another on the cardboard and then cut

the excess edges to only leave a small outline of where the drawings lay.


The drawings now had a different feel. They seemed almost constellation-like or

that the red circles were indications of something entirely different. In re-working these

drawings that had neglected, there were less and less signs of destruction.



By: Emma Studebaker

Marlboro Class of 2018

Beautiful Minds Challenge Honorary Mention 2013-14

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