Finding Inspiration

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Sometimes, obtaining inspiration is tough, and it can often work against us and make us uninspired. We may feel what the point of even trying is. Sometime if you JUST try, you will find inspiration will begin to flow. To attempt, to make, or to do is the first step towards the right direction. It is always best to try  and attempt than to never try or to never attempt at all. To attempt, even the slightest is the first great feat one can accomplish. You will find all throughout life, that to try and put effort into whatever you are doing will be much more rewarding; not only to others, but to you, rather than sitting and being idle.

The first step could be finding ideas, like brainstorming. Finding an idea in itself can be a whole other challenge. Find something that motivates you or you are passionate about. It is much easier to do something that you actually like or are interested in. Write down a few ideas of what you are most interested in. Try to narrow down your list until you have thought of one solid good idea that you are confident about. Remember, always try, you have nothing to loose.

Just remember, that everyone struggles with finding inspiration on a project or a task. All of these require work and effort. The hardest work or the task with the most effort is always the most rewarding. If we are able to really work for what we want to achieve, we can over come and complete anything. Work and good effort takes motivation, concentration, and determination. With those three points, one can complete any task.


– John McGough

Marlboro College ’18

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