What is human?

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  • someone
    • a person
    • a boy/a man
    • a girl/a woman
    • they/their
  • someone who on average will be alive for at least 66.57 years
  • something that seeks oxygen while alive (with a ventilator counts)
  • something that requires nourishment to stay alive
  • something that has skin and bones
  • a mammal
  • “a political animal”
  • something with DNA
  • Typically something that experiences brain activity, and as long as this is the case–
    • someone who seeks to express themselves–consciously or unconsciously–whether through a cry, a noise, with words, with silence, with violence, ex..
    • something that responds to its’ environment
      • …and over time as its’ brain develops , begins to display a personality that is a mixture of nature and  nurture (their most familiar environment)
    • something with emotions


-Ava Altman ’16


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