2018 Beautiful Minds Winners!

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More detailed information will be coming shortly, but here are the names of our winners! Congratulations to all!

Our prizes are as follows:

  • Two, full-ride scholarships to Marlboro College – first prize scholarships
  • Four, $30,000/year scholarships to Marlboro College – second prize scholarships
  • Six, $40,000/year scholarships to Marlboro College – third prize scholarships
  • Cash prizes of $1000 (first place), $750 (second place), $500 (third place)
  • All winners and honorable mentions are invited to an expense-paid symposium at Marlboro College in March.

Award Scholarship Winners:

Raeva Del Missier – first prize

Nastia Stevens – first prize

Lillian Fullwood – second prize

Adam Surfus – second prize

Danielle Scobey – second prize

Charlotte Wilson-Kolp – second prize

Anna Panganiban – third prize

Sophia Saccente – third prize

Yana Gornbakher – third prize

Regina Trevethan – third prize

Madeleine Badaraco – third prize


Cash Prize Winners:

Jamie Hernandez, Valeria Rodriguez, and Zahra Bakhtiari – first place

Aral Nen – second place

Seneca Norvell – third place


Honorable Mentions:

Betheny Sahagun

Karen Durazo

Yesenia Mendoza

Destiny Gonzales

Jayleen Bell

Ximena Olvera

Rania Samaha

Sana’a Mahmoud Issa

Lane Segura

Veronica Mautner

Regina Trevethan

Madeleine Badaraco

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